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February 04 2016

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February 02 2016

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January 30 2016

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January 23 2016

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Roger Stevens building. Leeds, November 2015.

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Stunning Abstract Mountain Paintings by Conrad Jon Godly

Swiss painter Conrad Jon Godly effortlessly manages to capture the terrain and texture of the Swiss Alps with the use of oil paint, turpentine and incredible skill. By mixing the turpentine with oil paint, Godly is able to apply thick and rugged brushstrokes, which beautifully drop from the canvas.

Although the art of painting usually makes reality seem two-dimensional, Godly has depicted the true texture, roughness and concave of the mountainous landscape in every brush stroke. Overall his skill lends itself beautifully to one’s of nature’s grandest bodies. By carefully combining the colors, blue, black and white, Godly creates what seems to be a photograph. 

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